Thermostatic mixer: how to choose the perfect one for your shower

Remember the old bathrooms that had taps with two knobs? One knob on the right and one on the left of the dispenser; one for cold water and one for hot water.

Perhaps many have forgotten how difficult it could be to find the desired water temperature on the first try, so much so that you either ended up running into freezing water or getting burned. The biggest problems, then, met again when you decided to take a shower!

However, in the 70s of the last century, finally, the first taps with single-lever mixers appeared.

single-lever mixers

These, with a single device and with a simple gesture, allowed (and still do it very well!) To regulate, at the first stroke, not only the temperature of the water but also it’s jet.

Their minimal and elegant design, but above all the undisputed practicality that distinguishes these objects, soon made them an undisputed standard, both in bathrooms, for sinks, bidets, tubs, and showers, as well as in kitchens and laundries. where even sinks and sinks are equipped with them.

Here, thanks to the thermostatic shower mixer, we have definitively said goodbye to cold showers and also too dangerous burns, but it is not just a question of usability and safety. Elements of this type, in fact, are more efficient and ecological and allow to save both water and energy.

Today, then, on the market you come across beautiful and refined mixers, both as regards the shower columns and for the taps of washbasins and bidets. These are objects of true design that make a fine show of themselves and, moreover, increasingly integrate lights, sounds, touch controls, and much more in the name of technology, but above all of the well-being.

Let’s see, then, to better understand how a thermostatic mixer works and how to choose the best one for your washbasins, but also and above all for showers and bathtubs, without leaving anything to chance.

Thermostatic mixer how it works

A thermostatic tap, for the entire duration of use, is able to guarantee a predetermined temperature and the constant supply of a certain amount of water. In fact, thanks to the presence of a thermostatic valve, it mixes hot and cold water a priori and supplies it exactly at the desired temperature. In addition, it reacts immediately to any change not only in temperature but also in water pressure, and in the event of an interruption in the cold water supply, it stops automatically.

The thermostatic mixers are therefore able to modulate the water flow even in the event of simultaneous openings of several users. For example, imagine that you are not alone in the house. If someone else, while you are showering or washing, were to flush the toilet, wash the dishes in the kitchen, or turn on a faucet, with a thermostatic mixer your water would not suddenly go cold, or not it would not even be affected in quantitative terms.

The thermostatic mixers

As already mentioned, then, a thermostatic mixer is single-lever: therefore you can open or close the tap water with a simple gesture, without effort, and much easier than what happens with the single hot and cold water knobs.

Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the temperature is pre-set, it is not necessary to keep the water open for a long time to do countless tests until the ideal mix is ​​reached at the desired temperature and this saves not only water, which in any case is a precious commodity. , but also energy, limiting the expenses on the bill!

Here, then, that today, if you are going to design or renovate your bathroom, you certainly cannot think of doing without thermostatic taps.

Thermostatic mixers: how many models!

A thermostatic mixer is an element of fundamental importance, both for the taps of the washbasin and the bidet, but even more so for those of the bathtub and above all of the shower, because only in this way can you avoid annoying burns or icy downpours. The moment of the shower, whether you usually live it at the beginning of the day, to leave with enthusiasm, or instead in the evening, to recover from the fatigue of work, is a sacred moment and should not be ruined.

Imagine waking up and finding yourself first under a frozen shower: if the good start is half done, the day starts under the worst auspices! Or try to figure yourself soapy in the shower and suddenly the water runs out, or the temperature continues to change suddenly, perhaps because in the other bathroom your children are brushing their teeth. To avoid all this, just use a thermostatic mixer and that’s it!

thermostatic sink or bidet faucet

Obviously, a thermostatic sink or bidet faucet is different from that of a bathtub and those for showers are still different. Moreover, today inside the showers, rather than installing a mixer with separate faucets combined with a showerhead, more and more frequently we resort to integrated elements, which contemplate innumerable functions inside them and are really beautiful even from to see.

The thermostatic taps, though clearly, exist thousands of models, which are distinguished from each other in style, shape, color, size, materials, and label production, are usually all conceptually quite similar.

There is a central body that dispenses the water and a lever (above the central body or apart), which when raised allows you to open the water and mix it, from cold to hot with a simple touch, moving from right to left. The taps of the kitchen sinks are also made in the same way, even if dimensionally we have to do with taller elements.

For example, a classic single-lever faucet is Grohe’s Ecosmart. Simple, minimal, chromed, available in various sizes, and equipped with EcoJoy technology for water-saving, it is produced by a well-known German brand of Grohe taps, among the best-selling in our country and beyond.

The more classic thermostatic shower mixers, on the other hand, consist of a graduated knob that shows the temperatures, generally between 20 and 50 ° C. In this way, it is possible to select exactly the temperature at which you want to wash and this will remain constant, even in the event of pressure drops.

Today, very often even shower mixers are simpler, made in the image and likeness of those of the washbasin. A classic shower mixer, very clean and essential and that integrates well everywhere, for example, is the Ceraplan built-in single-lever mixer by Ideal Standard.

Finally, it is good to take into account the fact that these elements are often equipped with an anti-burn system, in order to prevent the water from exceeding too high temperatures, which could be harmful to the skin causing burns.

What to consider when choosing the mixer

Choosing the faucet seems simple: in reality, you cannot rely only on personal taste and the things to be evaluated carefully are different.

A factor to keep in mind when you are about to choose which can be the best thermostatic mixer, and which, moreover, is really decisive, is to establish how many and which users will have to be controlled with the taps in question.

Inside a shower, in addition to the main showerhead, which however can be more or less large and more or less powerful, perhaps multi-jet, there is almost always a hand shower, rather than a side shower or various hydromassage jets.

It is important to take this into account and to know exactly which pressure and flow characteristics are required for the installation of a particular mixer because many of the new generation ones, especially if characterized by cascades or various jets, are incompatible with the old systems and therefore you can choose them only on condition that you intervene heavily on the system itself.

The ideal, to avoid problems, would be, before launching into the choice of daring and particular solutions, to consult a plumber who checks the section and the state of the pipes, as well as the compliance of the system, possibly indicating how to intervene in order to install just those particular taps that you like so much.

In addition, there are external thermostatic mixers and other built-in ones. While the former, of course, can easily be mounted on existing cold and hot water connections and therefore allow the replacement of obsolete and probably non-thermostatic taps, the built-in ones require special predispositions.

To install a built-in mixer it is, therefore, necessary to know in time exactly which model is chosen and to make a nice hole in the wall by adjusting the existing fittings. This is why these are elements that are mostly found in new buildings, or alternatively when dealing with the complete renovation of the bathroom, including systems.

Even the eye wants its part and aesthetics plays a first-rate role even in the choice of home taps! 

classic inspiration

Clearly, in the bathrooms with classic inspiration and a slightly retro flavor, a chrome-plated, square, and modern tap is definitely out of place.

The fact remains that today there are thermostatic mixers on the market that are also perfect for vintage atmospheres. Instead of being chromed, they will be gilded, or in antique silver, brass, or even copper and will have more classic, soft, and worked lines, but at the same time, they will also have all the functionalities needed for modern living.

Obviously, for the most contemporary bathrooms, there are even more solutions, lines, and models to choose from. The dimensions, the shapes, the finishes change, but also the type of delivery, which for example could be cascaded, directly from the wall … In short, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

Much also depends on how much you are willing to spend because designer mixers, beautiful and in the latest fashion, which make a fine show of themselves as if they were modern sculptures, often have prices that are not affordable for all budgets.

Thermostatic shower column

In modern bathrooms, aesthetics, and design, together with technology and well-being, take on an increasingly predominant role. This is why, today, it is quite common, instead of the classic shower head combined with a thermostatic mixer, to find a single thermostatic shower panel, which integrates the showerhead, the taps, and often also a hand shower, various hydromassage showerheads, lights for chromotherapy and even a stereo system that allows you to fully relax listening to your favorite music while taking a shower.

Obviously, the multifunction models are much more expensive than the standard ones. Prices increase with the increase of the options contemplated but allow you to experience multisensory, invigorating, or relaxing experiences, depending on the need of the moment.

Thermostatic shower

Also from an aesthetic point of view, there are various possibilities, both in terms of materials, lines, and colors. They range from bulky and showy models to others that are more minimal and discreet. Chromed steel is very popular in these situations, but there are countless more lively solutions: columns not only black or white but also red, purple, blue, and so on and so forth! Everyone can choose independently which is the thermostatic shower column that best suits their needs and that best meets their tastes and lifestyle.

For example, among the many products of this type on the market, we can mention the multifunction shower column by the Elbe, made of stainless steel, with the thermostatic tap, anti-limescale shower head (rain and waterfall), and 6 jets for hydromassage. Beautiful, modern, and impactful, but at the same time able to integrate perfectly into any modern bathroom, it will give you perfect moments of relaxation.

In conclusion


As you will have understood, it is always advisable to have thermostatic single-lever mixers and this always applies, whatever the home taps to which you are referring. Do not worry, because, whatever the style of your bathroom, you will easily be able to find models that adapt perfectly to the environment.

The only thing to pay attention to, especially if no substantial changes are planned to the system, is the compatibility of the new taps and fittings with the existing arrangements.

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