Frugal male fashion | Learn to add some “accessories” to break the standard and show the fashion of Suites.

“The important things in the world must be done in detail.” People who don’t pay attention to details will be slower to succeed. The so-called success depends on details, attention to detail of men who are full of charm. Wearing a catch, too, we can not only care about convenience and tampering with a pass-through but should also pay attention to some more details. Wear a suit to work, as usual, we can add some details of the design.

Many people believe the suit is working or attending formal occasions will wear the clothes, always giving a monotonous and rigid feeling. It is difficult to create a sense of fashion. In fact, this problem is not a suit, but you do not design details. Add some on suit small accessories, as can the trend of high-level and very decent, yet the formal sense. If you do not know how accessories should match, continue to read on!

Frugal male fashion accessory 1: Pocket square, the finishing touch to highlight the sense of vitality

The pocket towel is the general will choose a suit with accessories, is relatively common and is not easy with accessories. If you like to choose suits and like to use the same color match, then a pocket towel is your indispensable accessory.

The pocket towel can play a rich overall color, increasing the dress sense of vitality effect. If you choose a black suit, you can use different colors of pocket towels to play a finishing touch effect.

Pocket towel length is varied if you like a more concise, structured mix. You can make the shorter pocket a little towel, revealing a Collage is enough to enrich the overall color.

If you want to create a more trendy feeling, the pocket towel can also design a little longer. So you can show a more casual, chic effect, it makes the whole layering richer, letting modeling be more full. Pocket towel and tie can best echo the color, it will be more natural.

You can also select a pocket towel with a design pattern. It will enhance the dress’s unique sense, it will be more noticeable. But if you choose a solid color suit design, it is not recommended to choose too fancy a pocket towel. This will reduce the overall shape of the sense of convergence and will bring a cheap feel.

If the suit is used in bright colors with stripes or design, the use of a pocket towel with a pattern of very harmonious, not only enhances the overall texture, it will not significantly rigid and sense of age.

Frugal male fashion accessories two: brooches, elegant and high-end grade

Brooch is able to reflect the temperament of a man, wearing a brooch as a whole will look more on the grade. Because the suits are generally the same color, the same pattern, the same material design, it will inevitably bring a trace of monotony, they want to break the monotony, bring spiritual movement, in addition to a modified pocket towel, you can also use the brooch.

The brooch can make the texture richer, the metal design will increase somewhat the trend of breath, and would be more significantly younger.

The brooch can make the whole dress showing a more lively effect. But it will not affect the suit’s formal sense, in their daily work can highlight fashion sense. When attending formal occasions without losing a sense of solemnity, to enhance the sense of quality.

In fact, when with a suit, a lot of people are concerned about the suit to wear clothing with “security” of temperament. If you want to solve this problem, you can choose a brooch to be modified instantly to highlight layering. But also enriches the texture, very high level and on the level.

If you want to highlight a unique sense, bring different feelings, we can also choose a special little brooch. Chain-shaped brooches are also a very trendy choice.

Because the suits are generally more fit design. So the whole line will be relatively hard, the lack of a hint of the flow of beauty. With the chain-shaped brooch, you can just show the flow lines of the United States. The modified line problem suit, so dress more vivid, but also more refined temperament will be the more stylish attitude.

Frugal male fashion accessories 3: Bow tie, enhance the sense of hierarchy and more charm

The tie is to make the whole dress fresh, lively up the important single product. If you choose the wrong tie, it will bring to the dress a sense of uneasiness, the feeling will be very rustic, so the choice is a crucial tie.

In the choice of tie, the first tie should pay attention to the size. It must be adjusted around their neck to the appropriate size, to improve comfort while being more decent. Tie color and do not have too much access and overall color, or will bring unexpected sense, affect coordination.

Tie also makes a suit showing a rich texture, looking more advanced and more natural. If you want to improve the taste of the trend, you can also choose a double-layer design tie. So the lines can be optimized neck portion, showing a more smooth, gentle curve to show men generous arms.

Try uniform color, but you can choose to suit different materials used to manufacture the collision sensing. You can choose velvet material tie, with a full sense of quality but also to the shape of the visual effect is more intense.

If you do not like to tie, you can choose a tie to match. Although the tie can present a more lively effect, it can also tie the material and pattern design, to highlight the vivid feeling.

First, not recommended to choose too deep a color, this will give people a sense of dullness. You can choose bright colors to create light effects, plus some striped design, to make the overall shape showing a more natural and comfortable feel, will not bring pressure on the visual sense.

Frugal male fashion accessory 4: Cufflinks, a must-have detail for exquisite men

Cufflinks dress in the overall accounted for a very small proportion. But it is this seemingly insignificant accessory, men may reflect a fine or not.

The shirt is an integral part of the suit, shirt, and the lack of some sense of design, then cufflinks played a role. Although cufflinks are small, there are no decorative cufflinks, a person there is a huge influence. Gestures see decorative cufflinks, it can reflect a male careful and charm.

Cufflinks are not only decorative and very strong, but practical also mentioned. Cufflinks cuffs can be made more regular, while wearing a suit jacket off, to avoid the cuffs appearing messy.

At the same time, the shirt cuff exposes the suit jacket, cufflinks can also improve the overall texture, highlighting the sense of quality. Sometimes men’s taste, temperament, and charm, often reflected in the details, and the details of cufflinks can be reflected and can enhance masculine accessories.

To enhance the male character and charm, only choosing a suit is not enough. Details of the often can see a person’s literacy and the usual way, fine men every detail can not be ignored. Actually, this is the importance of accessories, if you choose a suit but do not pay attention to accessories, it is easy to give the formal, low-grade feeling.

So in order to highlight the fashion sense and liveliness, today these four accessories must learn to choose and with Oh!

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