Flush-fitting shower tray: pros and cons of the most fashionable and avant-garde solutions

There is always a lot of news on bathroom furniture.

Today, unlike what happened in the past, more and more attention is paid to the design of the home bathroom, which often turns into a real oasis of well-being, furnished with the latest fashion design elements, of the best SPA!

Flush-fitting shower tray

But what are the trends of the moment?

Certainly, the ultra-modern bathroom cannot be missing: suspended sanitary ware, countertop washbasins, freestanding whirlpool tubs, and flush-to-floor shower trays; all accompanied by exceptional taps and state-of-the-art equipment.

In this case, we want to focus our attention on the showers and especially the shower trays, which are increasingly sophisticated and increasingly thin as it disappears completely, becoming one with the pavement.

the ultra-modern bathroom

So let’s try to understand in what ways it is possible to create a floor-level shower, but above all what are the pros and cons of such a solution.

Certainly from a purely aesthetic point of view, there are no doubts: the sophisticated and refined design of the flush shower trays, as well as their lightness, means that visually you cannot really have anything to complain about. Yet there are still many skeptics, those who are afraid of giving up the classic shower tray for fear of flooding or others and perhaps opt for an intermediate solution by installing the so-called ultra-flat shower trays, which compared to the standard ones are much lower and invasive.

The time has come to dispel all the false myths and understand what are the advantages, as well as any disadvantages, that a floor-level shower solution can entail.

How is it possible to create a floor-level shower

a good shower tray

In general, a good shower tray, in addition to having the desired shape and size, should guarantee good anti-slip properties, hygiene, and resistance.

The traditional models have a height of about 5-6 cm, while the ultra-flat ones generally have a thickness of only 3 cm, and thanks to this they can satisfy the needs of the most minimalist tastes, with essential, clean, and straight lines.

These ultra-flat shower trays, in acrylic, resin, or composite materials, are available in different colors and sizes. In all cases, the cost is naturally higher than the classic models.

However, it is possible to go even further and obtain a single surface, without even a minimum difference in height, given that 3 cm of the thickness of the flat shower tray, by opting for a so-called floor-level shower.

They are two different modes with which it is possible to obtain this result: the first is to use a continuous coating with the bathroom floor and the second is that instead of opting for a flat ultra shower tray and designed precisely for this type of installation, which will be embedded in the floor to form a whole with the flooring chosen for the bathroom.

Practically the result is the same, but visually in the second case, a change of material will still be evident, while in the first there will be greater uniformity.


floor-level shower system

The advantages that you have in opting for a floor-level shower system are innumerable and do not concern only the aesthetics, although certainly, the first impression you get when entering a bathroom in which this shower model is installed is to be faced with a larger, more modern and functional space.

Especially for small bathrooms or bathrooms with irregular shapes for which the installation of a standard shower would involve many problems, the flexibility and freedom allowed by a flush shower are priceless! Goodbye alleys! Today, thanks to the use of new materials, such as Corian, acrylic, or acrylic stone, it is possible to create customized shower trays with extravagant shapes or which can reach up to two meters in length.

However, a level shower is also more hygienic and easy to clean; not to mention that for elderly or disabled people it is almost mandatory to install one because it allows you to abolish any architectural barrier.


a shower tray flush

A first disadvantage is undoubtedly given by the price: both the purchase of a shower tray flush with the floor and its installation, compared to a traditional model, are much more expensive and complex, but also the creation of a tray in continuity with the flooring it is.

On the one hand, a simple siphon flush with the floor and a more modern shower channel in stainless steel will cost less than a flush shower tray of the same size, but at the same time making everything in continuity with the flooring affects the cost of labor more, especially if you plan to use a mosaic, whose aesthetic result is however impeccable!

If the works are designed and above all carried out with care and to perfection, there should be no problem of flooding. However, we must pay close attention to everything, starting with waterproofing.

It is good to think about the installation of a special shower channel, which allows you to solve the problem of water drainage in a discreet and performing way, but at the same time convincing also from an aesthetic point of view.

Then it is necessary to carefully evaluate the slopes and all the various hydraulic needs already in the design phase so that the flow towards the drains is satisfactory and remains so over time when dirt and encrustations have reduced the flow rate. Finally, it is recommended to use epoxy grout on the floor for the joints to avoid the formation of dirt and mold. In short, the precautions to be taken are many!

But if you are thinking of renovating your old bathroom, know that a floor-level shower is a perfect solution, beautiful especially for a modern setting, designed and furnished with style and elegance, but also extremely functional.

It will be enough to entrust the work to a specialized and trusted company.

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