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The Power of thoughts

In Genesis, God gave mankind the power to rule the earth. This is a great gift, but I have no interest in this great power. I just want to rule myself-control my thoughts, overcome my fears, control my mind and spirit.

The peace and joy of life are not based on where we are, or what we are doing, or who we are, it is entirely determined by our state of mind.

The Power of thoughts

A few years ago, I read the book “The Power of Thought” by James Allen, which had a profound impact on my life. There is a passage “If you change your view of things and people, things and people will change him. If a person’s thoughts change drastically, he will be surprised to find that his own situation is also rapid in life. The change. There is a magical power in people’s hearts, that is the self…All people are the product of their own thoughts… People who improve their thoughts can move forward and accomplish certain things. People who refuse to improve their thoughts can only stay in the abyss of misery.”

A few years ago, someone asked me: “What makes you feel the deepest in your life?” This is easy to answer. So far, what makes me feel the most is the importance of human thought. If I understand your thoughts, of course, I will understand you as a person. Our thoughts make us as a person: our attitude determines our destiny.

I am now 100% convinced that the biggest problem we need to face—in fact, almost the only problem we need to face—is to choose the right thinking. If we can do it, we have already embarked on a shortcut to solve the problem. 

Impacts of thoughts on simple human life:

Marcus Oreos, not only the emperor who ruled Rome but also a great philosopher, covered life in just one sentence-this is also a sentence that determines the destiny of mankind-“Thoughts determine lifetime”.

Norman Pierre said: “What you know is not the real you; on the contrary, what you think is what kind of person you are.” If thinking is happy, of course, we are happy; if thinking is miserable, We will be miserable; if we have fearful thoughts, we will have fear; sick thoughts will really make people sick; if we think of failure, we are doomed to fail; if we are always self-pity, everyone will be afraid to avoid it Not in time.

Don’t think that I am preaching naive optimism, and life is not so simple yet. I just advocate a positive attitude instead of a negative one. In other words, we should care about our own problems, not just worry. Is there any difference between the two? Every time I walk in the turbulent flow of people on the streets of New York, I pay attention to my safety, but I am not worried. The same is true in life. The key is to recognize the problem and calmly take steps to deal with it, while worry is just going around in circles in panic.


The frustration in front of you does not prevent you from still strutting and living a normal life. This is how Lowell Thomas is. I am honored to know him and recommend his videos. He and his assistants have been to at least six battlefields to shoot documentary films, including the film of Allenby’s conquest of the Holy Land. His speech on the theme of “Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence in Arabia” caused a sensation in London and around the world. The London opera season was delayed for six weeks because of him so that he could continue to narrate his thrilling stories and show films at the Royal Opera House. After that, he brought the film to cause a sensation in countries all over the world. Later, he spent another year shooting documentaries in India and Afghanistan. But unfortunate things followed one after another. The most unlikely thing happened: he declared bankruptcy in London, and I was with him at the time. I remember that we could only have a cheap dinner together-if it wasn’t for Tom. Si went to borrow some money from a friend, and we couldn’t even afford that meal. What I want to say is: Under the huge debts and setbacks, Lowell Thomas only cared about his own problems, no real worries. He knew that if he was knocked down, he would be worthless to anyone, including his creditors. Before going out every morning, he would definitely remind himself to raise his head and chest. He is positive, courageous, and refuses to be knocked down by setbacks. For him, setbacks are part of life! If you want to reach the pinnacle of success, it will be a meaningful exercise.

Psychological Impact on Human Abilities: 

Regarding the influence of psychological conditions on our physical abilities, Fred, a famous British psychologist, conducted a related experiment. He later said to me: “I invited three people to test the psychological impact on our physiology. We use Dynamometer to measure.”

He asked them to hold the ergometer firmly with both hands and compare them under three different situations. Under normal awake conditions, their average grip is 101 pounds. When they were hypnotized and told that they were all weak, they only had 29 pounds of grip-only 1/3 of their normal physical strength (one of the three was a boxing champion. After being hypnotized, he was told that he was weak now. He felt that his arms were very thin and weak, like a baby).

Psychological Impact

After the second hypnosis, he told them that they were very strong. At this time, their average grip can reach 142 pounds. In other words, when their hearts are full of positive and powerful thoughts, each person has improved nearly 50% of their physical strength on average.

The power of psychology cannot be ignored. For example, a wonderful event that changed because of the power of thought happened to one of my students. He had a nervous breakdown because of anxiety.

This student told me: “I am worried about everything. I am worried that I am too thin. I am worried that I will lose my hair. I am worried that I will never have money to start a family. I don’t think I can be a good father. I am afraid of losing the girlfriend I want to marry. I was worried that I was not doing well enough, and I was worried about the impression of others. The pressure in my heart was constantly increasing, like a pressure cooker without a safety valve. Finally, when the pressure was so great that I could no longer bear it, it finally broke out. If you have had a mental breakdown…but I hope you never have it. No physical pain can be compared with psychological pain.

 It is how your thought can bring happiness in your life | Simple Human Life

  “I was in a very serious condition, and I couldn’t even communicate with my family normally. I can’t control my thoughts, my heart is full of fear, and a small voice will startle me. I run away from everyone, for no reason, I can cry.

 “For me, every day is a torment. I feel that everyone has abandoned me-even God. I really want to throw myself into the river for the rest of My life. “Later I decided to go to Florida, hoping that changing the environment would help. . When I got off the train, my father handed me a letter telling me that I could only open it when I got there. When I arrived in Florida, it was the peak season for sightseeing. Since I couldn’t book a room, I rented a garage. I went to Miami to find a job, but I couldn’t find it. So I spend time on the beach all day, but it feels worse than when I was at home.

bring happiness in your life

“I opened the envelope to see what my father said. The note read My child, you have been 1,500 miles away from home, but nothing has changed, right? I know, because you have taken your troubles away. Take it, the trouble is yourself. Your body and mind are very healthy. What defeats you is not the various things you have encountered, but your thoughts on these things. A person’s thoughts will determine what kind of person he is. . When you figure this out, boy, come home! Because you must have recovered.’

 “This letter from my father angered me, and I don’t want any instructions. I was so angry that I decided to never go home again. When I was wandering the streets of Miami that night, I passed a church where Mass was being held. Anyway, there was nowhere to go, so I went in. I was hearing someone say:’The soul to defeat yourself is greater than to attack to occupy a city. ‘

 I sat in the temple of God, listening to the same reason with the letter written by my father, these forces finally eliminated many problems in my heart. The first time I refreshed this life. I found myself Stupid, after recognizing myself, it surprised me. It turns out that I have always wanted to change the whole world and everyone in it. In fact, the only thing that needs to be changed is my thoughts.

 “I will clean up early the next morning. Baggage, go home. A week later, I returned to work. Four months later, I married the girlfriend I was afraid of losing. Now we are a happy family with five children. In both material and spiritual aspects, I have been favored. During the period when I was in a bad mood, I was a night foreman in a small department with only 18 people. Now, I am the director of a cartoon company and have more than 50 employees. Life is getting richer and richer. I know that I have mastered the true meaning of life. Even if there are some uneasy emotions sometimes, I will tell myself that it is time to adjust myself, so I can be safe again.

 “I have to admit that I was fortunate to have had the experience of collapse because the pain made me discover that the power of thought was much greater than other powers. Once I really realized this, I cured the stubborn heart disease. And never again.

 “I am now convinced that the peace and joy of the soul that we experience in life is not because of where we are, or what we are doing, or who we are, it is entirely due to our psychology. The external environment is really limited.”

the peace and joy of the soul

Human mind can be a paradise in Hell or Hell in a Haven:

Scott was the first British to reach the Antarctic. The return journey of their expedition was almost the harshest test that mankind has ever experienced. They ran out of food and fuel. They couldn’t move a single inch. The squally wind blowing through the polar regions had been raging for eleven days and nights, and the wind was strong enough to cut off the Antarctic ice cliffs. The Scottish team knew that they could no longer go back alive. They had originally prepared some opium to cope with this situation. Because a dose of opium can make everyone lie down, fall asleep, and stop waking up. But they didn’t do this, instead, they died singing. We know it because eight months later, a search team found them and found a farewell letter from their frozen remains. The letter read: “If we have the courage and calm thoughts, We can sit on our coffins and enjoy the scenery, and sing indulgently when we are hungry and cold.” The blind Milton discovered the same truth three hundred years ago: “The mind is its own temple. : It can be a paradise in hell or hell in heaven.”

hell or hell in heaven

Napoleon and Helen Keller are both the best interpreters of Milton. Napoleon, who combines glory, power, and wealth, once said: “In my life, I can’t find a happy day.” But Helen Keller, who was deaf and dumb, said: “I find life is so wonderful! “

William James is a top master of practical psychology. He once described it as follows: “Action seems to follow the feeling. In fact, action and feeling go hand in hand. Most of them use will to control action, and they can also indirectly control feeling. In other words, although we cannot change our emotions immediately with a single determination, we can indeed change our actions. When we change our actions, we automatically change our feelings. If you are unhappy, then the only way to make yourself happy is to be happy. Sit up straight and speak and act in a happy manner.”

Does this simple little magic really work? Try it yourself! Put a real smile on your face, relax your shoulders, take a gentle deep breath, and sing a song. If you can’t sing, just whistle. If you can’t whistle, just hum softly. Soon, you will understand what William James meant-if your behavior exudes happiness, it is impossible to be psychologically melancholy.

I know a California lady. If she knew this little secret, she would be able to clear her troubles within 24 hours. She is a widow-I admit it is really sad. Can she be happy? Of course not. If you say hello to her, she will say: “Uh, I’m okay!”-but the expression and voice on her face says: “Oh! God! You see how unlucky I am. !” She was almost blaming you for being too happy in front of her. In fact, there are many more unfortunate women than her. The insurance money left to her by her husband is enough for her to live a lifetime, and her married children also gave her a home. But I rarely see her laugh. She complains that her three sons-in-law are stingy and selfish-even though she lives in their house for several months each time. She also complained that her daughter never gave her gifts-although she kept the money tightly, she insisted on “for my own sake!”

She really deceived herself. Is it necessary? The most regrettable thing is this-she can completely change her from an unfortunate and painful old woman to a respected and beloved kind elder in the family as long as she is willing to change. As long as all these changes start with one action, it is to be happy, to be able to give a little love-instead of wandering in the abyss of own pain.

Mr. Ingle was able to live to this day because he discovered this secret. Mr. Ingalle had scarlet fever ten years ago, but after he recovered he found that he had nephritis. He visited famous doctors all over the world and tried folk remedies, but they couldn’t heal them well. Soon, his blood pressure also rose. He went to see the doctor, and the doctor told him that his condition was very dangerous, so he had better arrange his funeral first.

 He said: “I went home and checked that my insurance was still valid, and I fell into depression. I made everyone unhappy. Our whole family was in a gloomy mist, and I couldn’t get out of it. After a week, I felt sorry for myself. After a few days, I said to myself:’You are like a fool! You may not die within a year, so why not make your life easier?’

“So I relaxed my tight muscles, smiled, and made everything normal. I have to admit that I pretended to be at first-but I kept forcing myself to be happy, and the result was not only beneficial to my family but also helpful. First of all, I found out that I started to feel better — it was as good as I pretended, and it was getting better and better until today — after many months of my death, I not only lived happily and healthily but also The blood pressure has also dropped! What I can be sure of is: If I keep letting the thought of dying in my heart linger, the doctor’s prediction will not be wrong. On the contrary, I give my body a chance to heal itself. Because my attitude has changed.”

    choose the right thought.

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